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Outdoor Expandable Rotating LED Screen 1920*1280

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: CAIYI

Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

Model Number: Moving Structure

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1set

Price: $999/set

Packaging Details: Simple box, waterproof cabinet, die-cast aluminum cabinet

Delivery Time: 3-5days

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal

Supply Ability: 1000pieces per day

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metal Rotate LED Screen


Steel Alloy Rotate LED Screen


1920*1280 outdoor led screen panels

Other Machining Services
Material Capabilities:
Aluminum, Steel Alloys
Micro Machining Or Not:
Micro Machining
Aluminum Alloy
Other Machining Services
Material Capabilities:
Aluminum, Steel Alloys
Micro Machining Or Not:
Micro Machining
Aluminum Alloy
Outdoor Expandable Rotating LED Screen 1920*1280

Outdoor Expandable Rotating LED Screen 1920*1280 0

Rotating screen instruction

Rotating screen is a machine, electricity, screen integrated rotation of multimedia motion display equipment, its main principle is through the motor drive screen (steel frame) in the rotating frame rotates 360 degrees or at any Angle.

Rotating motion and display content can be asynchronous, also can be controlled by software program, mechanical rotation and screen video, text content synchronization.

The rotating screen mainly includes the following parts: rotating base, rotating body (display frame, motor, reducer, driver,
rotating bearing, central shaft, conductive ring, mesh ring), controller, remote control, display screen, etc.

External equipment: other control software and other control equipment.

The significance of the rotating screen is to add motion to the multimedia equipment, so that the form and choice of multimedia become more colorful and richer.

Technical features:

The rotating shaft core and the steel frame of the screen body can be manufactured and installed separately, or it can be
manufactured as a whole. Multiple rotating bodies can be linked, or monomer can move independently, and arbitrary polygon and circle can be customized.

Control features: power back to zero program, graphic and video synchronization program. Remote control, manual switch, external mobile phone, tablet and other central control.

Technical parameters

Rotary shaft core integration:
Rotating core
Parameter number
Sheet metal, steel frame material
Steel pipe and plate: Q235, 304 stainless steel optional
Accuracy of mechanical installation
Stepper, servo motor + reducer
60-180 flange optional, power: 200w-7500w, suitable for reducer
Motor repeated positioning accuracy
Mechanical rotation positioning accuracy
0.01-0.1 degrees
Mechanical bearing accuracy
Conductive ring, mesh ring
Carbon Brush, Silver Plated, Gold Plated (custom on demand)


Control mode

* Remote control: advantages recommended custom remote control key function, control screen according to the setting program rotation, stop, power back to zero.
* Manual control, automatic cycle control, other wired control.
* Mobile phone control, computer control.
* Induction /AI control (custom development).

Software features
1. Support a variety of built-in programs and a variety of signals
2. Support background synchronous or asynchronous
3. Rotation at any Angle is supported
4. Support for third party control

Introducing Our Expandable Outdoor Rotating LED Screen - Where Innovation Meets Boundless Creativity!

Elevate your visual storytelling to awe-inspiring levels with our cutting-edge Expandable Outdoor Rotating LED Screen. A true marvel of engineering, this dynamic display solution combines the art of seamless rotation with a weather-resistant design, empowering you to craft captivating narratives in any outdoor setting.

Key Features:

Effortless Rotation: Immerse your audience in a mesmerizing display as our Rotating LED Screen effortlessly rotates, offering a full 360-degree view. Seamlessly transition between portrait and landscape orientations, engaging viewers from every angle.

Expandable Design: Embrace boundless creative possibilities with our Expandable LED Screen. Each unit boasts an impressive size of 1920mm width and 1280mm height, providing an expansive canvas for your content. Create larger, immersive installations by seamlessly connecting multiple units, leaving lasting impressions and enabling seamless scaling of your visual experiences.

Customization at its Core: Your imagination is the limit! We offer flexible customization options, allowing you to design the perfect configuration of our Rotating Screen to suit your specific requirements. Whether you're envisioning a colossal outdoor masterpiece or a finely tuned display, our LED screen adapts to your vision flawlessly.


Unforgettable Impact: Dynamic rotations and vibrant visuals draw attention like a magnet, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and amplifying the effectiveness of your message. With the expanded size, your content will command attention and immerse viewers in an unforgettable display.

Versatility Redefined: From concerts and live events to corporate gatherings and public installations, our Expandable Rotating LED Screen adapts seamlessly to a myriad of outdoor applications. Make your presence felt in any event or location with a stunning and versatile visual centerpiece.

All-Weather Reliability: Rest easy knowing that our Rotating Screen is meticulously engineered for outdoor resilience. It is not only waterproof but also features exceptional brightness, ensuring your content remains vivid and captivating, even in challenging weather conditions. The rugged construction ensures consistent performance in any environment, rain or shine.


Spectacular Stage Productions: Set the stage ablaze with dynamic visuals, adding a new dimension of excitement to concerts, festivals, and theater performances. Enchant and captivate the audience with breathtaking rotations and seamless transitions.

Outdoor Branding Extravaganzas: Command attention with larger-than-life branding campaigns, making your brand message an unmissable spectacle in high-traffic areas. Showcase your brand's creativity and distinctiveness on a grand scale.

Public Installations and Landmarks: Create iconic landmarks and unforgettable experiences in public spaces, becoming a focal point for admiration and interaction. Leave a lasting impression on passersby and leave them in awe of the monumental visual display.

Unleash the Power of Rotating Brilliance - Let Your Imagination Soar!